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About SAVE, Society of Akumal’s Vital Ecology:

SAVE, Society of Akumal’s Vital Ecology, was founded in 1998. Mangrove damage, reduction, and degradation due to rapid tourism growth started taking place in the Riviera Maya of Mexico and it was mandatory that we take action.SAVE’s mission is to keep our unique and fragile ecology safe from the dangers of unsustainable development, for the future of our children and for upcoming generations.

Here at SAVE, we are focusing our efforts to stop the ecological devastation that has been underway along the Quintana Roo Coastline of the Yucatan Peninsula. The fragile ecosystem includes the spectacular water filled caves and caverns (cenotes), the thriving mangroves, the beach bluff, and the fringing reef.

The current over-development is out of control, with no consideration for the future. We need to work together (concerned citizens and the government) to protect the environment.

Please use our site as resource to get involved NOW! You can speak with us on our S.A.V.E. Facebook page.

S.A.V.E. Akumal´s Mission Statement:
In 1998, the Society of Akumal´s Vital Ecology, a grass roots not-for-profit organization, was created in an effort to protect the fragile and most valuable natural resources in central Quintana Roo, Mexico. Akumal, in particular, offers to the world a delicate and unique interconnected ecosystem, containing a fresh water filled cave systems gently flowing to the sea, a thriving coastal mangrove, the sandy beach bluff, and most important, the fringing Mesoamerican Reef.

Our mission is to keep our unique and fragile ecology safe from the dangers of unsustainable development, for our children’s futures, and their children´s children. SAVE today is proving that with determination, changes can be made.

Be Alert and Ready:
Be a SAVE activist by making your SAVE I-report and sending it to us.
If you ever see anyone damaging the ecosystem, or doing something fishy (like hauling a 10 foot shark in its car trunk), help us by taking photographs and/or videos. Then send us all the pertinent information you can (i.e. what happened, how it happened, where it happened, and with who it happened) and we will do the rest. Please email your information and photo content to cenotes@prodigy.net.mx and we will make the proper letter of accusation to the relevant Mexican governmental office, or follow our: “How to make a Denuncia” tutorial and do it yourself.

How to make a “Denuncia”
To report an ecocide or any illegal ecological practice in Mexico you have to present your denuncia to PROFEPA (Procuraduria Federal de Proteccion al Ambiente), the governmental ecology policy. There are different ways to do it:

Written has to be taken to a PROFEPA delegation where you present your “denuncia”, a complaint, and proof (photos, video, etc). We highly recommend this method because you get a receipt and a file number that will represent the case. Or by Internet, fill in the form that PROFEPA provides at their website.

Click here to go to PROFEPA denuncia form. Or you can do it through us at cenotes@prodigy.net.mx Just send your denuncia and material to us and we will make sure to send it to the right place.